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Deblina Das

It has been a spectacular experience for me, because I have lost a lot of weight and in return gained a lot of confidence.It’s been spectacular because I lost like some 8 kgs in 3 months and 36 inches overall which according to my trainer is commendable. I love working out in Karma, and I hope you do too.

Randeep Singh

I was not bestowed or blessed with a great body but you know, the entire journey of attaining a physique like this has been absolutely fantastic with the help of these trainers around; and I would like to tell you one thing, ‘Ki gym bahut sare aapko mil sakte hai, lekin jo mahol hai,woh yahan ka jo hai woh bahut bheterheen hai.


Before I joined Karma, I was like, Oh Baba, exercise, never, never, Jeevan ea korte parbo na. Treadmill o korte parbo na; but fitness is growing on me, very slowly, but it is growing on me. Now a days, I wake up and coming to the gym is something I actually look forward to now a days. Big thank you to Karma because of that. I think the trainers there are super cool, they’re pretty much like your friends, they push you, and that’s the best kind of friendship you have, a friendship that pushes you towards productivity.

Sharmila Ghatak

I wasn’t a fitness lover, neither was I concerned about my body shape few years ago. One day I saw a dress, I liked it so much but failed to buy it because it didn’t fit me. That day I realised that it’s not about looking beautiful to others, it’s about being healthy and good looking person for yourself. I decided to join the gym, I heard “Karma fitness studios” advertisement on radio and took admission on Lake Extension Road Branch (now located on Raja Basanta Roy Road).It was really hard at first, I didn’t have body stamina, no strength, my food habits were pathetic, more over I was demotivated. Slowly I started loving my body, I started to believe that this is the place I have to live my whole life. In this process my Personal Trainer, Fitness Consultant and Nutritionist of Karma helped me in a brilliant way. They kept me motivated until the day I started self-motivating myself. Though, they are still motivating me. From the Trainers to our Front Desk executive everyone is so helpful that now it is my second home. Now it’s almost two and a half years since I am working out here and continuously noticing the progress. One last thing I also learned from Karma- What is difficult now will be your warm up later, don’t stop if you really want to achieve a healthy life.

Sonali Hanee

a‘The aura of the place is so motivating that it auto channelizes energy to go for a vigorous workout. The trainers are so helpful that they actually made my journey easier and they keep me motivated to achieve my goals. I would recommend people to join Karma, the fitness catalyst to be fit.

Sananda Sen

‘My journey in karma was not particularly a weight-loss journey. I was doing gym for the past few years but took it seriously from the last year.After coming to Karma, it is not only about doing exercise or hitting the gym everyday but the urge to do in correct postures and get my body toned. The ambience of the gym has added to my zeal along with the hard work of the trainer who incessantly helps me out to achieve my goal. Thank you Karma for helping me to love myself more with the help of the intense workout and disciplined food habit in my daily life.And the result is the loss of 3 kgs with more power and confidence to continue my workout journey with passion.

Ditsa Choudhury

My name is Ditsa Choudhury. I am 22 years old. I joined Karma on 1st August, 2018. When I joined my weight was 70 kgs. I was gaining a lot of weight and desperately wanted to reduce my weight. Whenever I would go out and wear my clothes my stomach would bulge out and I would feel awful seeing other people around with perfect body. Now it has been 1.5 months since I joined the gym and I have reduced 6.4 kg and 14 inches.For this success firstly I would like to give special mention to Smita Khanna Roy Chowdhury Ma’am without whose guidance I would not have lost a single inch in 45 days. I was basically a foodie. So I used to think that controlling my eating habit would be a tough job for me. But her diet program changed my view. I used to think that I have to starve a lot in order to lose weight which was an issue as I have gastric problem; but she gave me a diet where I do not have to starve and can eat but properly. Her diet program has solved my indigestion problem as well. She has been a great motivation to my weight reduction program from the very first day.Next I would like to mention Sanjay Mukherjee Sir for training me and providing me with the best inch loss program. He has been there every day to help me whenever I had any problem. Lastly but not the least Durga Chakraborty Ma’am who has guided me in the absence of Sanjay Mukherjee Sir.I feel pretty good about myself now and I am fairly certain that I will definitely achieve further in the future with the help of these people.


Sraboni Saha has been a great example of an excellent transformation at Karma.She was 105.8 kgs in September 2018, and has reduced about 16 kgs!Her weight was 89.8kgs last month!Hat’s off to her for such effort!

Shilditya Das

I had joined Karma-The Fitness Studio with the intention of transforming my body and getting into the habit of a healthy lifestyle. People used to mock at me saying that I can not transform myself and that is when I decided to take it up as a challenge. KARMA believed in my dreams and here is where I stand today.”My Gym, My Karma”.

Aman ahmed

I started working out at Karma from the age of 19.My main objective was to lose weight, but within a span of 2 years, KARMA has changed the way I look at fitness.It has helped me in getting a better lifestyle and a better ME!”My Gym My Karma”