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I am a practicing CharteredAccountant and trying to find the time to workout has been my biggestchallenge. I used to have these really busy schedules and that was an excusefor me that I kept delaying the START.It was then that in July 2016, one of my acquaintances who was working out in KARMA, drew my attention and gave methe inspiration that it’s high time I should hit the gym and hit it hard.That’s how my association with KARMA wasmarked.

To state I was out of shape was an understatement, I was obese. When I first visited KARMA, Lake Avenue, the staff was absolutely amazing. They were extremely courteous and they seemed to be truly excited for me in regards to getting me back in shape.

Ms Smita Roychowdhury put me on a great dietary plan that included structured and scheduled meals that fit my daily routine. Training with all the trainers- Sanjay Da, Prasenjit Da, Israj, Durga Di, Samiran Debraj has been great, not to forget the backend support of the staff and the management. It has been about 2 years 5 months now, and I have lost enough to boost my own self confidence as well as that of other gym buddies.

My journey so far has been amazing. I have a new attitude about working out and the environment here is stimulating. Everyone has been extremely supportive and complimentary to the hard work I have put in at KARMA. I think this is the best workout in Kolkata. I even enjoy the ambience and the clientele which consists of a wide range of age groups and exercise regimen. I have even had the opportunity to be a part of the FITExpo for 2016 and 2017, in which KARMA played the lead role.

My association with KARMA has been wonderful so far and I always recommend KARMA to everyone. I simply love being associated with KARMA