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  • Customised for personal Needs

    We, at Karma- The Fitness Studio, understand that every individual is different and their needs in regard to personal training and fitness must be tailored, accordingly. Every lock has a different key, whether it be in training intensity, nutrition requirements, or exercise disciplines. Our expert fitness instructors make sure that every member of Karma gets the required assistance that would help him/her to up the fitness game.

  • How we do?

    At Karma- The Fitness Studio, we act as the backbone to help people live a long, healthy, and blissful life. We crack the varied fitness codes with you so that you can embrace a healthier life by assessing every member’s fitness level, strength, endurance, flexibility in tune with their age, height, weight and medical history before designing the bespoke fitness regime. When you are at our fitness studio, you do not have to look here and there for assistance! You will have a minimum of 3 trainers on the floor to guide and motivate you in the best possible way!

  • Personal Trainers

    Our personal trainers are certified by renowned international fitness organizations and have the know-how to help you learn more about your body. It’s the vast knowledge, experience and expertise of our fitness coaches which helps us to stand out.

Our Vision

At Karma- The Fitness Studio, we want to focus on holistic training of all the fitness enthusiasts who approach us, believe in us and continue to be a part of our ever-expanding fab family.Combining techniques that bring together the mind, body, and soul, we look forward to giving our clients that special gift of a healthy life. Our vision is to impact lives in a positive and healthy way by making fitness a way of life and not a choice anymore! From the best-in-class equipment to the state-of-the-art facilities, we are the means from where you begin your fitness journey and march ahead to complete your specific fitness goals.

Our Mission

To make our vision of a ‘healthy world and a fitter you’ a reality, we are on a mission to make sure that our clients get the best training experience that will challenge their minds and bodies. We are integrating multiple disciplines of physical exercise and varied training methods to make sure that everyone who joins uscan feel, sense and envelop their lives with the Karma experience.

What We Do

Friendly Environment

Karma: The Fitness Studio is a family of like-minded people who eat, sleep and breathe ‘being healthy.’ In a cool and friendly setting, we together along with all fitness lovers want to feel life on lighter toes, with a healthy body and mind!

Forever Motivating

We, at Karma- The Fitness Studio understand how important motivation is to your fitness lifestyle. As a part of our family, you can be assured of getting charged always to push yourself to the brim to achieve what you have set out to do, that is, being fit and healthy!

Educational workshops

We conduct educational workshops from time to time. In order to make fitness a way of life, it is crucial to understand why you should treat your body like a temple and how fitness should be an integral part of your life. We help you to strike the right balance between your body, mind and soul so that harmony prevails in your life! You get to meet the best fitness coaches, talk to the expert fitness instructors and much more in the workshops that we design.