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Karma Training Modules

Fat Loss Training Modules

Building lean muscle mass and losing body fat is integral to a fit life and a good physique. With our fat loss training module, you will be able to build that lean hunk like body gracing the magazine covers. The body that you have always wanted.

Strength & Power Training Module

Strength building and explosive power training makes an athlete different and help them to be on top of their game. If you want to train like an athlete and have a similar level of fitness, then join this module.

Sculpting Module

Whether you want to prepare a hot bod for the coming season or flaunt those perfect curves, the sculpting module focusing on core strength and can do work wonders for you. Flaunt that midriff or the Apollo’s belt – it is all possible with this training!

Specific Sports Training Module

To excel in any specific sports, you need to train like the best and with this training module by Karma, backed by our expert sports trainers, this is very much possible. We let you hit the right chord with fitness regimens for enhanced performance.

Unilateral Training Module

In order to build a symmetrical body that is balanced on both hemispheres, unilateral training is essential. With our module, you can understand the biomechanics of it and perfect your body into becoming a shrine of physical strength and aesthetics.

Cross Training Module

Conquer your reflexes and build better body coordination and core strength with our cross-training module. Here, you get to use different training methods and sports that will help you perform better!

Trauma Therapy Module

Physical injuries and trauma can be a major cause of your lack in morale and in rebuilding yourself. With the trauma therapy training module, you can rehabilitate your injuries and build back your confidence and a fitter body.

Flexibility Module

Flexibility is essential to ensure an injury-free body and helps you achieve better form in all your exercises. With our flexibility module, you can achieve your peak fitness level and encourage an all-round development of your body.

Group Fitness Module

For people who like to build their bodies and enhance their fitness level with collective motivation our group fitness module is the best. Workout with your group and share a vibe that will make you fit and fab!